Sqweeler Wave Tongue Sqweel Wheel

10 tongues not quite enough? Try Sqweeler Wave from Lovehoney. This replacement wheel for the Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator has dozens of pointed tongues running between two pleasurable waves, offering a faster-feeling stimulation with better precision. The soft touch of Sqweeler Wave is a perfect balance between firm and soft. Choose to stimulate yourself (or your partner) with the wavering wheels or using the delicious pointed tongues along the centre. Vary between the two for an out-of-this-world orgasm that will leave you shuddering...until you go again. The Sqweeler Wave wheel is of medium firmness and one to add to your collection.

To use your Sqweeler, just open your Sqweel and take out the original wheel of tongues. Replace with your Sqweeler Wave wheel and clip the lid back on and add a squeeze of Sqweel lube and you're ready to Sqweel. Direct the pointed tongues to your clitoris and work your way through the three speeds of the Sqweel until you reach orgasm. Go again upon recovery with the confidence that the Sqweel is always ready and eager to pleasure you.

** For use with Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator (sold separately). 


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